Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frank's Back!

Frank Van Riper's award-winning photography column in the Washington Post has been re-launched!

Frank Van Riper on Photography has appeared in the WaPo since 1992, first in the Friday Weekend section and for the past five years in the Camera Works section of Washingtonpost.com.

However, Van Riper has been absent from CameraWorks for more than a year. Principally, this hiatus allowed Frank and his wife and partner Judith Goodman to complete work on their six-year book project on Venice: Serenissima: Venice in Winter.

With that book now done, Van Riper has resumed his regular space in CameraWorks -- in a new incarnation that will allow even greater display of photography, as well as give Frank a chance to offer more timely reviews and recommendations of what is new and notable in the visual arts world, both in Washington and elsewhere.

This is a good thing for our area's cultural tapestry. Welcome back Frank!

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