Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Today, at noon, Steve Reiss, Asst. editor of the Style section of the Washington Post takes questions about arts coverage in the Washington Post.

This is an opportunity for those of us who have been concerned for years about the Style section dismal coverage of the visual arts, especially since the Galleries column went to a twice a month schedule, to ask Mr. Reiss as to why the Post does not cover the local visual arts to the same level as local theatre, music, performance, etc.

You can submit questions here. Please be intelligent and respectful.

Here is my question to Mr. Reiss:

By the time that one adds up commercial art galleries, non-profit art galleries, alternative art spaces, embassy galleries, and cultural art center galleries, there are over 100 new art shows every month in the Greater Washington, DC area, making it one of the largest and most active visual art scenes in the nation.

And yet the Style section has diminished its already dismal gallery art coverage to a twice a month schedule by Jessica Dawson. And the Post's Chief Art Critic (Blake Gopnik) focuses exclusively on museum shows, and does not review local art galleries. By comparison, his colleages at the NY Times and LA Times (for example) review both museums and their cities' local galleries. The Arts Beat column also focuses on arts news events and rarely on local galleries.

What can the Style section do to improve local gallery coverage, say to the same (or even 50%) of the level as local theatre coverage (which is covered in Style on a nearly daily basis)?

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