Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The "wake" effect

If you read this blog with any regular emphasis, then you know that in the past, many times I have discussed the worldwide art fairs and the reason why contemporary artists need to be in them and why there are so many positive things that come out of them - other than sales - even after the fair is over.

As a sailor, I compare it to the wake that a ship leaves on the ocean... a wake that most landlubbers don't realize is sometimes noticeable for hundreds of miles after the ship has passed through... if your sensors are good enough.

She first saw my work at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami Beach last December... then again at the Scope Art Fair in New York City, and most recently at the Affordable Art Fair in New York. For three fairs in a row she visited, talked and discussed the work, usually offering hard and intelligent constructive criticism.

The end result? The wake effect from those fairs?

I am proud to announce that I am now represented by Glenn Aber Contemporary in New York. They will next be taking my work to ArtHamptons.

I wonder what the wake effect from that fair will be?

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