Monday, November 07, 2005

A new level

At the airport last night I pilfered a discarded Sunday WaPo and discovered that the Chief Art Critic of the WaPo now has a new category of artists: barely emerging!

As far as I can remember, artists have unfortunately been referred to as: emerging, mid-career and established. Even those terms are kind of silly, but make somewhat sense.

But in this mention of the current show at Curator's Office, Gopnik tags DC artist Kathryn Cornelius as a "barely emerging" artist.

As everyone else knows, Kathryn Cornelius has exhibited extensively in the DC area, (and most recently in NYC), was the subject of a profile in the Washington Post Express while she was sort of a leading arts activist student at Georgetown, and her work was recently acquired by the Heather and Tony Podesta collecting team at Seven.

Could we at least consider her an "emerging artist?" Methinks Kathryn passed this new "barely emerging" stage a while back.

Ahhh! the silly things we artsy folks argue about...

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