Thursday, March 02, 2006

Frederick's First Saturday Gallery Walk

One of the great things of living around here is that we're surrounded by places that have their own local flavor of art. And nearby Frederick hosts a gallery walk on the first Saturday of every month.

You can enjoy exhibit openings, guest artists and live entertainment designed to showcase the best of downtown Frederick the first Saturday of every month from 5-9 pm. You'll also enjoy extended shopping hours at many of their specialty stores. Details here.

There's a particularly interesting dual exhibit opening at The Artists' Gallery. "Told in High Color," features the art of Amy Connor and "Garden Variety," photography by Palma Allen.

Amy Connor is one of Frederick’s newest emerging artists. Originally raised in the mountains of Virginia, she moved south to study Fine Art at the University of Florida. As her career developed she was represented by several galleries located in the Gainesville and Palm Beach area. She has recently returned to the area, and now where she is the newest member of The Artist's Gallery.

In "Garden Variety," Palma Allen continues evolution of an idea with respect to the subject matter and her new works includes experimentation with digital negatives contact printed onto cyanotype treated cloth and paper.

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