Friday, July 07, 2006

Funny thing about the Weekend online sessions

It seems to me that the Weekend staff is ignoring any art-related questions that they get via their online sessions.

I know this because some of you email me afterwards telling me that they asked questions and were ignored. A reader sends the following:

So I submitted a darn good comment to the Weekend Online thing...

1) about saying they are experts in art but when they introduced O'Sullivan they only talk about his interview of some actor/comedian, and

2) about how the NY Times somehow is able to publish lots of art articles every week even though NYC has much more food/theatre/music/etc than DC... how in the world can the Times possibly allocate such space to art??? :)

They ignored the comment and focused almost solely on water parks for 3 year olds... are they suppressing the inquiries about art coverage now?
I don't know, so my open question to Joyce Jones, editor of the Weekend section: "Are you suppressing/ignoring art related questions now?"

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