Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who's he calling an idiot?

Jackie Trescott has an interesting interview and profile with the Corcoran's new director: Paul Greenhalgh.

Pronounced Green-halggg, or maybe Green-HA-elgg; no wait: Green-halsh! In what language does "halg" sound like "halsh" anyway... silly Brits.

Anyway, it sounds like Greenhalgh is taking the Corcoran by the horns and doing a superb job so far - this appears to be a man who knows that he needs to clean up house, fix it up and then re-establish it as one of America's great art venues. So far it seems like his hiring was the right thing and the right choice.

And I like Greenhalgh's firmness in his words and beliefs.

And I wonder if he is responding to the Blake Gopnik recommendation that the Corcoran become a museum of photography when he says:

"The idea that you would brand yourself with one message is, of course, the idiot's approach to museums," he says. "Museums are complicated places. There is no reason we can't be the edgiest institution and the most experimental over a period of years."
Now, that's what I call a response... if he's responding... ehr.. to the photography idea... that is.

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