Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Opportunity for WPA/C Members to Exhibit at artDC

Someone at the WPA/C is using their coconut and has come up with a novel way for their members to exhibit at the coming artDC fair in Washington, DC.

All WPA\C members are invited to contribute a small work to INDEX, a miniature “members only” exhibition in the WPA\C booth at ArtDC intended to give the public a glimpse of the artists that make up their membership base. Your submission can express anything you wish. It can reflect your current work, be a self-portrait, or communicate any kind of statement - the ONLY restriction is size.

Create a 4-by-6-inch “index card size” piece out of any mailable material. The image can be horizontal or vertical. Put your image on one side of the “index card size” surface and mail the work (either in an envelope or as a postcard) to:

500 Seventeenth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006

Deadline for Delivery to WPA\C: Monday, April 16,, 2007

On the back of the piece, please include your name and indicate which side is up. (No titles please). You may submit more than one piece.

Note that works will not be sold. Works will only be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided by the artist.

If you're not a WPA/C member, this is a good reason alone to join.

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