Monday, April 16, 2007

Tim Tate's AOM Top 10

DC uberartist Tim Tate with his Top 10nish AOM List:

1). Laurel Lukaszewski - beautiful Japanese inspired ceramic installation pieces

2). Katie McKelvie - how can you not love art made from Tic-Tacs?

3). Alison Sigethy - her recycled glass bowls and great new direction for her.

4). Allegra Marquart and Cheryl Derricotte - Both artists have stretched their limits and produced their best work ever.

5). Alison Duval - I love the photo emulsion tranfer collages.

6). Novie Trump - I actually want to own one of her incredible ceramic sculptures... trade?

7). Pat Goslee and Lynn Putney - Not only is the work great in this room, but its been sparingly hung, which makes it one of my favorite room for actually being able to see art.

8). Ruth Trevarrow - Her "Chicks Dig Me" road sign made me smile all day. I dig her too!

9). Sean Hennessey, Rania Hassan and Kirk Waldroff - This is my favorite group room... they have truly pulled together a great gallery effect... plus I love the work.

10). Sondra Arkin and Ellyn Weiss - Please visit the "Weiss/Arkin" Gallery as they call their room. Its a great start to the Washington Color School Remix tour!

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