Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Donate to this

The AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts has a major arts fundraising event coming up called ARTcetera 2008.

ARTcetera is a biennial creative black-tie contemporary art auction created and supported by a unique partnership between the visual arts community and the AIDS Action Committee. Guests enjoy fine food and beverages and bid on more than three hundred fresh works by acclaimed local, national and international artists. An exciting live auction and two silent auctions present works in a variety of media, sizes, and styles.

To donate work you have to fill out this form by July 3rd, 2008. As far as shipping work to them, I am working a deal with them where they will take care of shipping of any artwork donated by artists through this blog; work must be shipped by the end of July. You can also choose to receive 25% of the auction price. They will also need an image of the work for the auction catalog. When you fill out the form, make sure to skip data items 13-16 and put "Courtesy of the Artist" in Question 12 unless your gallery or a collector is donating it.

So if you donate a piece, then drop me an email and also put the following in the donation form's box 18:

This work is being donated through a call to artists in Lenny Campello's "Daily Campello Art News" blog and will be shipped to ARTcetera after shipping arrangements have been finalized with Kevin Hudson.
I plan to donate, and since donating artists get a ticket to the black tie gala, I may even swing by Boston to see how the auction goes. There is also a preview party for artists, donors and acquisition committee members happening on October 30 that artists will be invited to attend.

Be generous!

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