Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New DC arts organization

City Artistic Partnerships (CAP) has formed as an arts services organization dedicated to assisting and promoting artists in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

CAP’s initial focus will be on the visual arts, performance art, music, and live theater presented in a host of venues around the city.

CAP will host art events, underwrite staged productions, and maintain a website that will include a virtual clearinghouse of links to artists; services; artistic education and career development opportunities; available venues; sponsorships; and funding sources.

Founding Executive Director Matthew “Matty” Griffiths says of the new venture: “CAP will connect artists with vital resources needed to get their work out there. We live in a vibrant arts community, however many artists still need support and are often unaware of where to find it.”

CAP is the first arts services organization affiliate of American Community Partnerships (ACP), a national nonprofit that has developed partnerships in over 35 cities and states, and through those partnerships has provided living-wage career opportunities, and economic and community development benefits to low-income residents. With this new partnership, Griffiths plans to expand ACP’s reach through apprenticeships and career development in the artistic, technical and managerial aspects of various arts professions.

American Community Partnerships Executive Director Ed Gorman says, “There are many careers in the arts industry available to artists and non-artists alike. Matty and CAP understand that, and we are very excited to have them as a new partner.”

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