Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Art and the women of this year's election

By Annie Whitmore

Searching for inspiration for an upcoming exhibit, Chicago fetish painter Katie Cain, aka Kate Tastrophe, found it in a forwarded email about the women of this year's election.

"As a general rule I paint sexy, sadistic women," she says. "This email comes in, bashing the women who have been in the political spotlight this year, and I knew I had it."

"I think I had the most fun with 'Hillary Clinton as Lizzie Borden', I was cracking up the whole time I was painting it. She has this great cartoon supervillan thing going on, those crazy eyes and those wacko expressions on her face. The funny thing is, I didn't have to alter her expression one bit to turn her from exuberant campaigner into psychotic Victorian axe murderess, I only changed the context," Kate explained.

"'Michelle Obama as Marie Antoinette' wasn't much of a stretch, really." She continues. "A wealthy, pampered, social climbing elitist who thinks her own countrymen are disgusting little parasites. Do I mean Obama or Antoinette? Hard to tell the difference. I was looking at this photo of her and I just imagined her in the White House sneering 'Let them eat cake!'"

Sarah Palin as MILFBut the Dems aren't the only ones on the business end of the brush. "Oh, I'm an equal opportunity hater," Kate laughs, "The Republicans irritate me, too. Sarah Palin would say something completely frightening and everyone would go, "Yeah, but she's a total MILF." For those of you who are unfamiliar, the meaning of "MILF" is not fit to print. "So, even though she is this sadistic, nasty woman, people keep going bats over her looks. So I painted her as this sadistic, nasty soul-sucker, and that little pit bull remark she made stuck in my head, there's her Hound Of Hell at her side."

The works are not yet on Kate's website at, but they will be publicly unveiled at the Annual Halloween Art Exhibit in Chicago at the St. Paul Cultural Center, 2215 W. North Avenue on October 18th. Kate assured us she will be there in person. "I'm anxious to see what people say about this stuff," she says. "So far, the response has been positive. But the people who know me expect this sort of thing out of me. I love to cause trouble."

--Annie Whitmore
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