Monday, October 27, 2008

That one coming to Widener
Barack Obama doing pull-ups, source unknown
"That one" is coming to Widener University (where my wife teaches) tomorrow morning.

Update: Photos from the rally here.


Anonymous said...

So, I take it you're not an Obama fan? Wow, propagating the "That One" nomenclature sure is telling.

And, the picture you selected to illustrate your interesting choice indeed.

Lenny said...

The only thing that is telling is how close-minded and paranoid you are in being able to tell all that from that post.

If you have the courage to send me your email, I will forward to you the chain of pro-Obama emails titled "That One" which includes many photos of Obama, including the one I selected, which I think that is very cool... when was the last time that we had a President who could do a pull up?

As far as who I am for, that's none of your business.

Best regards,

PS - See this:

Anonymous said...

Interesting... considering how Lenny has been bashing Sarah Palin I always figured him out for a big Obama fan.

I don't get anon's issue with the photo.

Anon # 2

Chris Combs said...

photo credit, Lenny!

Lenny said...


I have no idea! The pic came in with dozens of other photos embedded in the email...

That's why I put "source unknown" in the photo ALT tag... float over it to see it.


Lenny said...


I can't win... so now Anon #2 thinks I'm a Palin basher?

Getting it from both sides!