Saturday, November 15, 2008

Paper at Projects in Philly

No matter how you print, fold, layer or carve it, paper is often the primary media to which an artist applies their talent.

“Paper” at Philadelphia's Projects Gallery seeks to engage the audience in both the simplicity and the complexity, the universality and the uniqueness and even the humor of paper in the hands of about 20 multi-faceted artists.

Work by Henry Bermudez, Elizabeth Bisbing, Jim Brossy, Peter Gourfain, Frank Hyder, Florence Putterman, Alex Queral, and Caleb Weintraub. Also participating are Virginia Batson, Aubrie Costello, Michael Edwards, Talia Greene, Brooke Holloway, Itsuki Ogihara, Mia Rosenthal, Krista Rothwell, Gregory Farrar Scott, Heather Sundquist and yours truly!

“Paper” opens November 19th with an artists’ reception First Friday, December 5th from 6-9 p.m. The exhibition continues through December 20th.

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