Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blake Gopnik on Twitter: Did I call it or what?

Questioningly quasidentified by a less than reputable blog which never errs, art bloggers jumped all over the Twittering "Blake Gopnik" in the last few days.

When I first looked at it, it smelled fishy to me right away; and did I call it or what?

I was right! It wasn't Blake Gopnik!

I know Gopnik, and even though I seldom agree with his art viewpoints, sometimes question his art history training, and often vociferously criticize his apathy towards his own hometown artists and art galleries, I do respect him as a person and recognize his intellect and agenda.

The Twitter "Gopnik" falsehood was clear to the most casual observer, but only if you read Gopnik without a prejudiced eye and only if one takes the time to examine the silly Twitterings attributed to a very serious and composed and erudite person.

The good bloggers have already apologized, while the one who's never wrong, just shrugged it off... never mind past lecturing on "confirm before publishing."

That's the difference between a good journalist and someone who's not. When one fucks up, like we all do and like I have done many times in my life, one apologizes. It took me a long time to learn this. Regina and I have age and experience on our side.

To the fake Twitter Gopnik: what you have done has broken the law, and I'm about to loosen Carnivore on your ass; this should be fun.

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