Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is this awesome or what?

"Seems like Tyler School of Art is looking to stir something up: We got word this morning that, in an attempt to "end the age of silence," whatever that means, Temple kids have craftily constructed four Trojan Horses out of what looks like cardboard on wheels, and strategically placed them in the lobbies of UArts, PAFA, Moore College of Art & Design, and the Art Institute. How they got them in there without getting caught, no one knows."
Check it out here.

Their typewritten manifesto says:
"Within the tides and ideals of their own foundations, four rivers have been flourishing in the city of Philadelphia. The fifth river had existed within close proximity until now. Its channel has been rerouted to flow abreast the others and encroach on their territory. We, the students of Tyler School of Art, have been rerouted and relocated. However, our waters are as steady and strong as they have ever been.

Four gifts have been constructed ending the age of silence. As Apollo lifts the sun on the morning of March 18, 2009, these four gifts will be illuminated. On this morning we … declare war against thee and stand by our gates at full attention waiting for the battle to begin."
I love this!

Tyler recently (today was the first day I think) opened a brand new gallery in their new relocated spaces. More info and details from the Tylerists here.

See how the horses were constructed below:

Moore's response below!!!

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