Monday, September 07, 2009

New DC art space

Vivid Solutions DC is a new fine arts space to the Historic Anacostia District. They also offer the new digital printing technique, Digigraphie. In fact, they are the first Digigraphie certified lab in the United States!

The space is located at 2208 MLK Ave, SE and is currently open by appointment or chance; Contact Andrea Hope for a look at the current exhibit and a tour of the facilities. Vivid Solutions "offers high-end digital printing for fine art utilizing cutting edge Epson technology, with salon-style exhibition space highlighting digital/photographic art."

They are currently showing a solo exhibition of works by Chandi Kelley, running through tomorrow, September 8th.

Her "Timelines," inspired by the theme of memory and mystery, are constructed of bookends, antique books and wallpapers reminiscent of vintage patterns. Methodically photographed, the spines of the books function as a timeline reading from left to right. The text and image combine in a striking, evocative collection.
Find out more about Digigraphie here.

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