Thursday, October 15, 2009


Super hard-working DC artist Dana Ellyn has been in the news a lot lately for her irreverent paintings at a recent art exhibit in Washington that marked the first-ever International Blasphemy Day (Sept. 30) at the Center for Inquiry DC near Capitol Hill.... on CNN, then on USA Today, earlier on Religion News Service (that story received more comments than any other article in the history of their news service).

To see more about the show, read all of the articles and get links to additional stories, please visit Ellyn's website here.

One comment on the focus of the artwork (having done a few blasphemous drawings in my own lifetime): it's easy (and safe) to be blasphemous versus the Judeo-Christian religions, but where are the blasphemy paintings versus the Islamic religion? versus Hinduism? where's fat, bald Buddha in all of this? versus whatever it is that the Druze believe in? Why just pick on the two "safe" religions? Let's open up the whole can of artistic whup'ass on the opiate of the masses in all its versions.

Dana has a lot of stuff happening next:

* This Friday October 16: "Sequestered" solo show opening Reception at R. Coury Gallery in Savage, MD.

* Next Thursday Oct. 22: "P'arty" grand opening show at Long View Gallery in DC.

* December 5th: "Divinely Irreverent" solo show opening reception at Evolve Urban Arts Project.

* February 5th: "Til Death Do Us Part" two person show and wedding with Matt Sesow at DC's Long View Gallery.

* Larz from Mars - TV appearance.

Congrats to Dana and Matt!

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