Thursday, January 07, 2010

MIA Day Three - Opening Day

0717 - I am up and trying to catch up on work email and returning phone calls.

1030 - I am out of the apartment and heading to the bakery to get food and water for the day. I get a Cuban Pork Sandwich for breakfast and a Medianoche for lunch later plus an assortment of stuffed potatoes, stuffed yucca rolls, pastries and sweets. Enough food for a week actually. I also get some soap, as in my cousin's apartment, which is vacant all the time, there's no shower soap and I've been using some old shampoo to cleanse my body and I am a little tired of smelling like kiwi and watermelon all day.

1100 - Arrive at the Convention Center for the long day of the actual opening.

1400 - Tim Tate video is put on First Right of Refusal till Sunday. I've handed out about 25 cards about his video work today as his work continues to attract people like moths to my booth. The digital video player is still not working and I am contemplating switching the DigiViewer to see if that's the issue.

1430 - Prof. Chawky Frenn swings by and we chat a little. Chawky is an amazing painter; he's looking for representation.

1500 - It's really slow and so I stroll around the fair a little. There are a lot of Argentinean galleries in this fair. They all seem to have German names. One of the gallerinas is the spitting image of actress Tia Leoni.

1630 - A major collector, who last month bought a Sandra Ramos from me at Red Dot comes by to say hello. I discuss with them that I have a couple of donors looking to donate Sandra Ramos' works to museums. They give me the name of a curator at a local museum and tell me to use their names.

1900 - Prof. Chawky Frenn comes by again. He has been trolling the fair looking for potential galleries for his work, which is so politically and homo-erotically charged that it is very difficult for some. He looks a little dejected. We walk over to the Argentinean worldwide art project next to me. They take gold fingerprints of people all over the world and are staffed by several beautiful girls from the Americas. Chawky goes over and does the whole fingerprinting part and then begins to chat the girls. He then meets Carlos Woods, a gallery owner from Guatemala and Chawky shows him the last book published of his work. Minutes later Woods is offering Chawky a solo in Guatemala. Prof. Frenn has accomplished his mission.

1930 - A curator from the Miami Art Museum comes by and we discuss Sandra Ramos. I pass to her that I have two collectors in the DC area who are looking to donate several Sandra Ramos' pieces to museums. She leaves me several names at the museum to contact.

2000 - It's all over; heading to Little Havana for the night.

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