Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100 DC Artists

I have been retained by Schiffer Publishing to edit and create a coffee table size book titled “100 Washington, DC Artists” as part of their series on national artists.

This was based on a proposal that I sent to them a while back, and I am happy to report that they have approved it for publication in the spring of 2011. The book will cover 100 key artists working in the Greater Washington, DC area which encompasses the District and surrounding suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia.

Like all Schiffer art books, this will be a high quality book which will be available nationally and online, as well as available locally at museum gift shops and local area bookstores. Each artist will have a two page spread, with 3-4 images of their work, a small head shot, and a 300 word essay about their work.

I've got most key DC area artists already selected and I've been in contact with them with details, etc. I'm aiming to include all the major DC area visual art names from William Christenberry on down the list, as well as key emerging artists.

Speaking of key, two artists that I'd like to include in the book, but which I have been unable to contact either through their dealers or directly via email are Iona Rozeal Brown and Yuriko Yamaguchi. If anyone who reads this blog knows them personally, please tell them to contact me at my email address even if it to say that they're not interested. I'd hate to skip these two important DC artists because they're not reading their email!

Still speaking of key, I've also asked several key DC area art dealers and collectors and even art critics for their input, just to make sure that I'm not forgetting a key name in our visual arts community.

I'm quite stoked about this project, although one of the drawbacks can be that I'd have 100 happy artists and 1,000 bummed out ones.

For the latter I've only one thing to say: a book titled "Another 100 DC Artists" is already in my mind.


Studio319 said...

Thanks Lenny,
I think I need to do the same for all the serious collage painters in the Met area.

I appreciate your information.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations -- what a cool project.

I'd like to suggest you look at one of my favorite self-taught artists, Karl Mullen, who was born in Dublin Ireland and now has a wonderful studio at O St. Studios.

The "Paintings" album on his Facebook page www.facebook.com/karlmullenart will give you a feel for his fantastic images. Karl paints largely with his hands, the imagery is magical and the saturated colors he renders are nothing short of stunning.

I highly recommend you check out his work.