Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curioser and curioser...

Someone just pointed out to me that this earlier blog post in the City Paper about the 100 Washington Artists book has so far drawn 49 comments. But what is very curious is that it seems that someone has caught the key "negative" poster(s) as being a sockpuppet!

It is also very curious to read the chain of comments as the various flamers are made up and subsequently destroyed by the other commenters. But someone is really trying hard to make a good story smell fishy here, and the comments have been strangely quiet since the sockpuppet got called out.

Check this online drama here.

Who would have thought that a book still to be published could have stirred so much interest, debate and chicanery.


Kriston Capps said...

I guess I could be wrong, but in order to track IP addresses, you would need access to those IP addresses--which would mean access to the backend--which commenters don't have. You can't see IP addresses without a login. I do not believe any commenter can see IP addresses any other way, so I don't think this expose of sockpuppetry holds water.

Lenny said...

I don't know either how anyone could have access to an IP address from a poster. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what develops.