Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heard on Univision

Earlier today, towards the end of the World Cup game between Holland and Uruguay, as it seemed certain that the last Latin American team in the running was about to be eliminated (they almost tied it in the last few seconds), the commentators had a really interesting discussion in Spanish.

They were wondering if they should root for Spain in tomorrow's game between La Furia (Spain) and Germany. One of the commentators was making the case that they should root for Spain, simply based on the commonality of language. One of the two other commentators, who was a former player himself, was against that, claiming that the Spaniards were very racist and discriminated against South Americans, so why should they (all three commentators were apparently South American), root for Spain?

He expanded on that point by giving as evidence the fact that when he played for several years in the Spanish soccer leagues (which means he must have been very good, as they are the highest paid ones in Europe), he was constantly under the pressure of discrimination from the Spanish teams.

I found this very interesting, and thought to myself how comments like this, say on ESPN, would cause a maelstrom of controversy in this nation.

Update: The commentator who made the comment was José Luis Chilavert, a former goalkeeper from Paraguay, and considered one of the the 10 best goalies in soccer history; and Univision's "futbol" forums are buzzing with comments about his comments.

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Anonymous said...

I think that was Paraguay's José Luis Chilavert.