Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 6 mustaches in local arts

Can I just say Yay!

Leny Campello MustacheMy mustache has just made the it to the "Top 6 mustaches in local arts"!

Check it out here.

My dear mustache is a "come and go" mustache these days... I keep growing it and then taking it off, then I grow it again, then I take it off...

I've had a mustache since I was like 16 or 17... and I hate shaving; especially my upper lip. Every time that I shave it this happens: I am well asleep and then I turn over and my naked lip hits the cold pillow and it wakes me up.


Between somewhere in 1972-3 and 2009, the only time that I didn't have a mustache was when I was in Navy bootcamp.

And between 1974 and 1983 I had a full beard, which returned sporadically (such as when I served temporary exchange duties in the British Royal Navy in 1987-1989).

Then full again a beard from 1997-1999 when I sort of went Bohemian for a while again.

Lenny Campello in 1997
The Lenster in 1997

And then around 2004/5 the now classic waxed mustache made its initial appearance. And off and on from there on...

And it has had its payoff for me: I once got a free burrito at Chipotle because the lady making the yummy food really liked my bigote (Spanish for mustache) and gave me a free burro.

Congrats to fellow artists Adrian Parsons and Andrew Wodzianski, who also made the list... and BTW... please note how the "Arts" mustaches kick ass versus the politicians' mustaches.

Coolio Julio Jenny Rogers!

P.S. Emmett Burns (Clarence Thomas doppleganger at the bottom here), you need a new picture dude; a little smile would get a few thousand more votes next time!


Anonymous said...

congrats Lenny!
Adrian Parsons... the guy that did the "shrapnel" performance (self circumcision) at the Warehouse? From the photo of him holding what I guess to be his child am glad to see it did no permanent damage.

Andrew Wodzianski said...

Adrian is holding our love child.