Monday, June 18, 2012

Laura Roulet's AOM Report

My good friend Laura Roulet is one of the most active and hottest DMV area independent curators; she went to Artomatic and here's her report:
As a local independent curator, who has been around for awhile, I am a fan of Artomatic. It is a truly fun and useful Washington tradition. Every time I visit,  I see it as a chance for discovery of a fabulous, new artist. Granted that it’s a bit of a needle in a haystack search, and this year with 1,000+ artists, the haystack has reached perhaps unmanageable proportions. Visual overload has become a serious factor in appreciating what Artomatic has to offer. However, I also have come to appreciate some unique services offered by Artomatic:

Artomatic has art for every taste, often at truly affordable prices, and I believe that original art always beats posters, commercial replicas, etc. By purchasing original art, you are helping to support/encourage a human being and acquiring something unique. Much better then mall art.

At 500,000 and growing, this project by Frank Warren (which got a start at Artomatic) is a great example of the type of participatory, successful artform that can spring from the Washington community.

Artomatic alerts the public to the best wedding photographer (Amber Wilkes), pet photographer (Lee Anderson), pet portraitist (Sheppard Bear), and bacon photographers (Rebecca and Eric Gordon). Who knew?

Gotta love them!

I noticed that local institutions such as the Washington Glass School, Glen Echo Pottery, DC Glass Works, Critical Exposure and PG County artists posted signage identifying and giving further exposure to their artists. Great idea.

Lego art by 11 year olds, black light art, money mosaics, pet paintings juxtaposed with gay porn (8th floor). All I can say is, wow.

After combing through all nine floors, I have some advice for artists about what helps it work for viewers:

Presentation counts. I know curation is verboten at Artomatic, but let’s face it, the artists who “curated” their own space, painting the wall, taking care in arrangement,  putting their name on the wall, leaving business cards, perhaps coordinating with another artist to create a distinctive space, look the best. Painting the wall black or scribbling on it doesn’t count.

MY TOP FOURTEEN (some are new discoveries, some were a delightful relief from all the other stuff. And yes, I definitely could have missed some greats given the circumstances):

Julia Bloom

Mei Mei Chang

Pierre Davis

David D’Orio

Mo Fogarty

Lori Goldberg

Pat Goslee

James Halloran

Robert Kincheloe

Rahshia Linendoll-Sawyer

Jessica Murray

Thomas Petzwinkler

Henrik Sundqvist

Edmond van der Bijl

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