Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Art Scam Alert!!!

Beware of this art scammer!
Thomas Boswell (thomasgreatlife@aol.com)

I will like to make a purchase to my store in Finland. I will be making payment via my credit card.I will also like to know the type of card you require ? shipment will be handled by my shipper once my payment has been made.

I hope to read from you soon

Warmest Regards.
Thomas Boswell
Lönnrotinkatu 13, 00120 Helsinki, Finland


Unknown said...

Hi there. I have also been contacted by this same man. He keeps assuring me that all is well and that he wants prices for several of my paintings. Could you please elaborate as to how this scam works? He claims any bad press on the internet was caused by a "disagreement" he had with an artist a few weeks ago.

Lenny said...