Friday, October 09, 2015

Peter Nesbett at the WPA

Kim Ward's and Lisa Gold's contributions to the DMV's art scene will never be recorded in a book or TV documentary, but they are huge, and thanks to Al Gore's Internet, they have been recorded over the last decade here is this ass-kicking blog.

Thank you ladies, for steering the WPA through very rough seas. Most DMV area artists have no idea how much they owe you (Personally I owe Kim a fuckload of gratitude, as I met my wife in a show that I curated for the then "WPA/Corcoran")... The Kimster can never do wrong by me!

The WPA has a new leader, who not only has some big shoes to fill (cough, cough... as both Kim and Lisa have tiny feet) but also comes to the WPA as a re-energized artist organization.

Peter Nesbett (in this really good article by my arch nemesis Kristooon Kapppps) appears to be the right point guard for the WPA, and the Lenster welcomes him aboard.... Gotta admit though that I'm not a big fan of Darrow's pic of him (not your fault Darrow... it's the cross-arm staring pose that kills it)... but D-dude, you nailed it with my pic!
Nesbett has only just this month moved to D.C. from Philly, so his first order of business here is meeting the city’s artists—literally. Nesbett is looking to get an audience with 100 artists over his first 100 days on the job. He has a ton of programming ideas, he says, but he doesn’t want to lead with any of them—not until he gauges what at least 100 artists want the WPA to be doing.
Ok Pete... call me... I got a 11 ideas for you as to what the WPA should be doing to kick ass and take names in the nation's capital and other places... empirically-based ideas, not anecdotal or touchy-feely ideas... these are really gooooood ideas Pete! You've got my cell and email...

But above all: Welcome to the DMV! 

Lo que no mata... engorda!

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