Thursday, December 29, 2016

Artists interpret "blue" with 140+ diverse works

Strathmore is experiencing a different kind of blues this winter—beginning January 7, the arts center presents La Vie en Bleu, its 26th annual juried exhibition, featuring 146 works by 101 artists in the D.C. metro region and beyond. A complement to Strathmore’s season-long exploration of blues music, Shades of Blues, the art center tasked artists to interpret “blues” however they like, using their medium of choice. More than 1,000 works were submitted, and the resulting exhibition is exceptionally diverse.

This is paired with the companion exhibition, Crossfade, an exploration of technology and perception featuring up-and-coming artists from Baltimore.

More information below. Images from Bleu can be found in DropBox for your perusal.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I notice that the Washington Project for the Arts is no longer posting coverage of events like this. [I had submitted three news items for shows I'm in, including this one, and none of them made the news either last time or this one. Moreover, NOBODY who is being shown in this show is receiving any coverage from the WPA. I don't understand why, but will vote with my feet.)