Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A great free idea to the WaPo!

The internets are already having all kinds of fun with the Washington Post's new masthead slogan which made its debut tonight in the WaPo's website...

There are already all kinds of theories, opinions and thoughts, ranging from the numerologists' views of "three D's", to loads of funny memes, to another anti-Trumpian effort by the newspaper once dubbed Pradva on the Potomac during the halcyon days of Communism.

However, my good bud and Cuban-American peeps Jeff, who owns the WaPo, tells me that the new slogan is something that iconic reporter Bob Woodward apparently says all the time... cough, cough...

Regardless, in my highly informed and immensely brilliant opinion, the whole thing looks (notice I said "looks") a little kitschy to me... in fact a bit fortune cookie type.

Therein lies the brilliance of what can happen next! And here's my suggestion to the WaPo, intelligently inspired by my fortune cookie analogy: Change the slogan every day!

Then it would really be like a fortune cookie, but because it comes from the WaPo, it would be more serious... cough, cough.

Furthermore, there are no coincidences, and Donald Lau, America's top fortune cookie writer, has just retired after 30 years of fortune cookie writing!


Do not waste this opportunity! Contact Mr. Lau immediately, and entice him with a nice salary to un-retire and come write new slogans for the WaPo! If he declines, make him a one-year offer that he can't refuse, with a mentoring clause, so that he can mentor and train a couple of young, enterprising new slogan writers.

We want Lau! We want Lau! We want Lau!


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